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Marine Engine

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Two-Stroke Opposed-piston Engine

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Engines is an internal combustion engine, a prime mover in which fuel is burnt in the working cylinder or in a separate chamber in direct communication with the cylinder. This is a form of internal combustion engine which use a piston-connecting rod-crank system to convert the heat energy released by the combustion of a fuel-air mixture into mechanical work.

Types of Engine

Internal combustion engines may be classified in several ways of which the broadest are as follows:

1) The Heat cycle - Constant Volume or Constant pressure.

2) The mechanical cycle - Four-stroke, Two-stroke, Rotary.

3) Single Acting or Double - Acting

4) Trunk Piston type or Piston Rod and Cross-head

5) Method of Cooling - Air, or liquid cooled.

6) Cylinder Arrangement _ Line, vee, radial, horizontal, vertical, opposed piston and H - types.

7) Type and arrangement of Valves used - Overhead or side poppet valves: sleeve, rotary, or ported cylinders.

8) Method of Fireing - Spark ignited or Compression ignition.

9) Induction Pressure - Unsupercharged (naturally aspirated), and supercharged (pressure charged)

10) Fuels used - Gas (town, producer, methane, sludge), volatile liquids (petrol, alcohol, benzene and kerosene), non-volatile fuels (heavy oils and distillates), solid fuel (coal-dust)

11) Method of injection of fuel oil - Air blast or "solid" injection.

12) Design of the combustion chamber for compression ignition engines - direct injection (low swirl), hot bulb low compression, precombustion chamber, compression swirl chamber.

13) High, medium and low speed types - the first being generally of lighter and more refined design whilst the last are very heavy; and, either of cheaper and simpler construction, or intended for a very long working life.

14) Application - Aircraft, automobile, stationary, marine.